“There’s no rest for our kind of tired.”

A Fund for Women

There’s the woman who just got laid off and needs a couple hundred dollars to get through until the next job. There’s the woman who needs gas in the car to pick up her kids. There’s the woman who needs a little cash to make it out of an abusive situation.

A Fund for Women is for them, and for all the other women struggling with similar hardships caused by continued gender inequities.

We hear women’s stories every day, and we have listened.

At our sister company, A Case for Women, we help women access life-changing, contingency fee legal help. Often this results in substantial financial compensation. However, we recognize that food needs to be on the table every night and legal action can take years. Our mission is to provide small gifts, $500 or less, to women who reach out to A Case for Women and are in dire need of immediate help. The decision regarding who receives financial aid is based upon need and is not at all dependent upon whether or not a woman is a candidate for legal action. Initial funds of $18,000 were provided by A Case for Women to seed the start of A Fund for Women.

It’s not about working harder or smarter.

It’s about the disproportionate poverty rate.

While women in the US are now graduating college and entering the workforce at record rates, they are still living in poverty significantly more than men. — U.S. Census Bureau annual Income and Poverty in the United States: 2018 report

It’s about pay inequities.

If women were paid the same amount as their male counterparts, all other variables being equal, the female poverty rate would drop by more than half in 28 states, according to an analysis by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.
It’s even worse for women of color. The median net worth of white families is 10X that of Black families and 8X that of Latino families.

It’s about all the other significant barriers
that have not improved over time.

Women struggle disproportionally with the lack of affordable childcare and Pre-K programs, lack of accessible and affordable healthcare, lack of basic financial management tools, the burden of supporting both children and elderly family members and now the tragic consequences of COVID-19.

Ask for Help

We hear you. In fact many of us have been in your shoes. If a few hundred dollars would make the difference in dinner on the table or gas in the car, please let us know. A Fund for Women is not an avenue for longterm financial support but we are here for women in dire need of immediate cash.

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